Organizers: International Architecture Society(IAS)

                    Habitat Environment Society of Asia Pacific(HESAP)    

 Contractor: Shanghai Hanshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Theme:Innovation, everywhere

The architectural design of developing countries is full of vigor and vitality, and it is a milestone in the history of world architecture. The purpose of the design of the exhibition is to absorb a most extensive design work. At the same time, the exhibition will maximize the selection and recognition of the designer 's creative work, which will promote the international architectural culture exchange.


Both teachers and students, designers and design enthusiasts can participate in the domestic and foreign design institutions, allowing the individual or team (no more than 5) in the form of competition.

Real estate development companies, design institutions and other legal persons can also participate in the competition. They need to contact the Organizing Committee directly for independent competition, payment and evaluation. Their awards will not occupy the number of individual and team awards.

Submission requirements

1. The design work must be located in developing countries, can be built, in the construction or not built in the actual project, it can be a pilot study and discussion or students design work;

2. The design work of the drawing and the content is not limited, but electronic documents should be JPG or PDF format, its resolution should not be less than 100DPI;

3. The design work of the drawings should include a brief description of the design, to assist the work of the design intent and characteristics, the number of characters is not limited, but the language should be the Chinese (traditional, simplified) or English;

4. The competition only accepts electronic documents, and the electronic documents must do not exceed 50M, they must be sent to the e-mail box, SHEJIDAZH